The chip trays are made using UV stabiliser with a high grade polypropylene ,which means a greater longevity hether stored in or outdoors.Suitable for holding RC or percussion drill chip specimens or even small rock samples.Total size is 500x50x35mm with a weight of 155 gr each.Total number of compartments is 20 measuring 25mm each. Manufactured using a one piece mold with attached lid with 5 secure clips ensuring no samples go astray.

  •  Lenght(L):50,5
  •  Width(W):5cm
  •  High With Lids (H1)
  •  High (H2)
  •  Comperments Number (C)
  •  Comperments Dim (CH)
  •  weight: 95gr

Karot Sandıkları P SizeKarot Sandıkları H SizeKarot Sandıkları N Size Karot Sandıkları B Size Chip Box
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